Mansion Ampeloravdi


The villa Ampeloravdi is a pre-earthquake villa built in a strictly segregated society where feudal nobles shared all the arable land on the island, namely the valley, in which they cultivated vineyards. The only buildings were the country villas of the nobility (one of them is the villa Ampeloravdi). The property we visit belonged to the aristocratic family of Boultson, who gradually lost their property until a wealthy and educated trader, the Ampeloravdis, bought it. He demolished the old house to build his own villa satisfying his need for demonstration. From the architectural side, the tower is not genuine countryside mansion, but the provision, operation and the central idea remains the same, namely the creation of a monumental complex with center mansion to accommodate the multiple functions of the estate. The two-storey building presents Gothic and Baroque elements of architecture, and the path that leads to the building features Zakynthian architecture. According to the now lost inscription, the building was named “Olympian”. The tour will be made by the current owners of the villa Mr and Mrs Kardaris.


Kalipado Zakynthos
Zakynthos, Zakynthos 29100

Mansion Ampeloravdi

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