Monastery Panagia Skopiotissa


The Monastery of Panagia Skopiotissa is the oldest church on the island. It was built before the mid 15th century and in 1534 given to the family of nobles ‘Logotheton’ to whom it sill belongs today. The church was built in the shape of a cross on the site of a temple of Artemis and is surrounded by the ruins of a once thriving monastery. Inside the church there are beautiful wall paintings of saints and an icon of the Panagia Skopiotissa. The view from there is really magnificent, and even more enchanting is the view from a rocky hill on the east side of the church. You can climb to the back side with relative ease as there are ropes that guide and support you, beneath you stands a panoramic view of the landscape, villages, hills, vegetation and the Mediterranean sea.


Zakynthos, Zakynthos 29100

Monastery Panagia Skopiotissa

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