Pelouzo is an uninhabited island of the Ionian Sea in the bay of Laganas on the south-east coast of Zakynthos. Pelouzo is a nautical mile off the coast and is part of the national marine park of Zakynthos part of the spawning of the sea turtle caretta-caretta that is part of the 2000 nature program (Natura 2000). On Venetian rule he belonged to the Catholic monastery of Agios Frangiskos, where he was assigned to the monk Angelos Salviatis. Salviotis built there a monastery dedicated to Theotokos, Evangelistria and the holy temple of the Virgin Mary in 1705. Today, ruins of these buildings are preserved. Later the island passed into the hands of the Komotos family, where it still belongs today. The monastery suffered great damage in the Second World War where it was bombarded by the Germans and was completely destroyed in the 1953 earthquake.


Zakynthos, Zakynthos


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